Oswego Teeth Whitening

Oswego Teeth WhiteningHaving clean, white teeth can help make a great first impression, and give you confidence at work, at home, and in any social situation. Oswego Dental Specialists performs a simple process for Oswego teeth whitening that will give you the smile you’ve always dreamed of having.

Daily brushing and flossing go a long way to keeping teeth healthy and whiter than they would without regular maintenance. But even with the most dedicated care, teeth can sometimes develop yellow stains can remain. The teeth whitening services at Oswego Dental Specialists remove those stains and leave your teeth looking as white as they ever have.

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Undo Unwanted Staining with Oswego Teeth Whitening

Even those most dedicated to oral hygiene can find themselves with yellowing and stained teeth. A variety of outside influences can stain teeth to the point where only the professional teeth whitening services from Oswego Dental Specialists can get them complete clean and sparkling white.

A few of the factors and activities which can cause yellowing teeth include:

  • Food and Drink: Coffee, tea, and red wine are particularly damaging to teeth due to their color pigments. These chromogens attach to the tooth’s enamel causing yellow staining.
  • Tobacco: Tar and nicotine in tobacco will stain teeth over time. Tar is naturally dark and nicotine is normally colorless until it is mixed with oxygen, which turns into a more yellow color.
  • Age: The outer shell of teeth gets thinner with over time with brushing which reveals the yellow inner layer called dentin.

Teeth Whitening is a Simple Solution to Remove Staining

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